Why do you need Insurance?
Health, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Sanitation, Education are our basic needs. We spend most our lives securing these for ourselves and our loved ones. It's a no brainer to try and make sure that nothing stops us in meeting those needs.
That's where Insurance comes in.
Most people think that they'll buy insurance when they need it. But the thing is, you cannot predict when an accident, a natural calamity, or something unfortunate might happen. The uncertainty of it all, is what forms the concept of Insurance.
You need insurance when things are going good. Because when they are not, it's already too late.

Why we started Dnshikmah?
We are a group of people who were aware of the need of buying an Insurance policy and tried to do so, but put off the decision because of ten pages of jargons we didn’t understand. So, we tried to simplify how we could consume all such information about Insurance in just 5 min, in a way that everyone could understand, and help us take an informed decision which really affects our lives.

How can we help you?
We surveyed over 1000+ customers and learnt their expectations while buying Insurance. We know it is hard to deliver all, but it is not impossible.

  • Don’t miss any Terms & Conditions, Clauses while selecting a plan, we help you compare everything
  • We won’t bug you unnecessarily, no documents are required
  • Don’t waste your time, GET SET & GO with your Instant Insurance policy in just 5 min
  • We value your hard-earned money, maximize your savings with customized quotes from the leading insurers
  • We understand the pains in filing a claim, our Dedicated Relationship Manager will assist you every step of the way

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